The CR 38 delivers smooth cruising to accompany its standard twin 2 x Volvo Penta D 6 – 400/ DP, Diesel Stern Drive Engines. It’s a sophisticated cruiser that’s easy to drive and effortless to enjoy. With several Volvo Penta power options, as well as a pair of gasoline choices, your reliable and high performance cruising is ensured. You can feel the difference in every Lupa boat, in both power and featuring innovations.

Driving is a big part of the joy of boating. The Lupa CR 38’s superior drivability is the result of all the right factors meeting perfectly. The hull permits it to slice through the waves like a knife, rather than to bang, creating not only a more comfortable but also a safer ride. With her ergonomic cruising area, the Lupa CR 38 will easily take you wherever you wish to go, whatever the weather.

Form and function. We’re often told we have to pick one. Not so with the Lupa CR 38. A new hull design, incorprating the latest technology, is complemented by twin stern drives combining high power with low weight; excellent handling and outstanding performance. This Lupa has a high technology mono hull which features a double step design and an anti stuff nose for quick recovery in rough waters. And for a boat with such a generous layout, she is purely a “distinctive performer”.

Take the controls and the adrenaline takes over. Lupa hulls can endure higher impact loads than any other pleasure vessels and, therefore, provide safety even in adverse sea conditions and at high speeds. While bottoms are solid, thick, stiff and strong; super structures are of light weight composites and carbon fiber. This CE certified, 7.3 tonnes Türknotik design is likely expected to be capable of 30 – 35 knots, with approximately eight people on board.