In yacht design, it is crucial to size the engine correctly. Considering the technical requirements such as overall life, applicability, fuel consumption, weight and performance Lupa CR 29 is pushed for optimum performance from a gasoline Volvo Penta 380 HP (V8 – 380 CE), the largest single engine she would allow.

V-plane hull, which means its performance is hard to beat in its size class. Our hull design utilizes an extended running surface, allowing the “v-plane” to continue aft of the transom. This creates superior stability. Distance cruising in maximum comfort throughout, reassuring stability, reduced levels of fuel consumption, timeless design and industry leading innovations which set the benchmark in its class.

The hull design ensures that it handles turns with agility. Simply put, this boat corners like it’s on rails and she drives like a luxury automobile. With a 29′ length and a wide 9’2 beam, the CR 29 is roomy, comfortable and stable. The hull is designed to increase efficiency over a wide range of speeds.

Thanks to its rocker angle and the sharp geormetry the keel cuts through the water and the hull accelerates very fast. When you put the throttle down, the CR 29 pops on plane very quickly. Trimmed out at full throttle, only the last few feet of hull make contact with the water as it releases to reach max speed. She can take you anywhere you want to be.