The CR 21 delivers all the power you’d expect from a stylish sport boat with a 150 Hp Yamaha V MAX SHO 2.8L four Stroke inline 4 outboard engine. This is a boat built, and propped, for speed. Range delivers better acceleration-to-plane and top-end speed. The tilt range is a full 70° for tilting the engine above the waterline. CR 21 is  a boat that goes fast and leaves plenty of money in the wallet to fuel your fantasies.

The CR 21 is well thought out, solidly engineered, fast and elegant. This boat screams speed, even while sitting quietly at the dock. The boat also has the bonus of being trailerable, so your favorite boating destination is never too far away. Also, the bow anchor and line locker have been seamlessly integrated in the boat’s design.

This cruiser hops on plane with little bowrise, accelerates rapidly, tracks straight, and corners without slipping or grabbing. Thanks to the high freeboard and a full windscreen you and your friends will be safe in bad weather conditions. Lupa CR 21 is crated  to perform in any water for optimum purposes. She blends big power, agile handling and carefully curated details so you don’t have to settle to fit your boat.

This boat rides on a V hull with a 19.3 degrees of deadrise angle on the transom which means its performance is hard to beat in its size class. In addition since it is a stepped hull, the wetted area is divided into two smaller areas which effects the speed positively.When you put the throttle down, the CR 21 will pop on plane in seconds. The hull design ensures that it handles turns with agility. With different engine options, launch control and driving modes, you’re going to think the Lupa CR 21 is made for you.